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Personalized goals and treatment


Puerto Psychology Practice equally welcomes heterosexual and queer/trans/homosexual couples. Couples treatment focuses on collaboration, communication and compromise while working on specific goals/issues, as the clinician maintains a neutral stance (not taking sides). Treatment requires participation from both parties involved.  

Couples will learn new ways to connect with one another, skills to approach difficult topics, and how to repair after conflict. NOTE TO COUPLES: It may be a requirement of couples treatment that each member attend their own individual psychotherapy treatment. 

If Dr. Puerto's approach to couples therapy appeals to you, contact her today for a complimentary 15-minute consultation. $325/session (80 min) 

Socializing Online


Have you been feeling down or overwhelmed about work and/or home? Are you having difficulties managing emotions or stress? Are you in need of processing trauma and managing symptoms related to PTSD?

Puerto Psychology Practice provides a safe, interactive virtual space for you while we work on your treatment goals. Patients will learn and practice effective skills tailored to their individual needs. 

Call for a complimentary consultation to see if Dr. Puerto is the right provider for you. $225/session (50 min)


Older adolescents are ages 16+. Are you a teen who has been feeling down, not feeling like yourself, or having relationship issues? Are you a teen who feels overwhelmed with school?


Puerto Psychology Practice can help you with managing your thoughts and feelings, show you ways to manage the stress of high school, or help you better communicate your needs. You will learn everyday skills and put them into practice. NOTE TO PARENTS/GUARDIANS: It may be a requirement of treatment that you attend your own psychotherapy treatment.


Call for a complimentary consultation to see if you'll like working with Dr. Puerto.

$225/session (50 min)

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